Friday, August 22, 2008

Sea level to rise by 4 metres this century!

OMFG, this is really, really serious stuff.

Peer-reviewed scientists have made a presentation at the Coast to Coast Collaboration Conference in sunny Darwin, Northern Territory. Renowned scientists such as Barbara Norman from RMIT University's Global Cities Research Institute have warned the Australian Government that: (money quote)

"Ms Norman says it is not logical for local governments across the country to develop their own coastal planning policies and a national approach is needed.

Scientists are predicting more that half-a-million residences could be washed away as sea levels may rise by up to four metres by the end of the century.

Ms Norman is calling on the Federal Government to implement a buffer zone along the Australian coastline."


At last - an empirical projection that can be easily measured and monitored!

Four metres this century of sea-level rise..... that's four metres for the 92 years remaining in this century.

Four metres in 92 years is, ummm... ummm... 2 metres in 46 years, ummm... 1 metre every 23 years, ummm..... 100mm every 2.3 years, ummm.... that's 43.5 mm per year! Holy Starving Polar Bears, Batman!

Now we can finally gauge the impact of global warming! We can measure it, and peer reviewed scientists like Barbara Morgan will be vindicated in only a matter of a couple of years.

No need to wait around for fifty or a hundred years to see if there is any global warming effect - no, now we can measure it in as little as a year or two!

Once those in Government see the sea levels rising inexorably by 50 mm every one year and two months, they will have to do something - no-one could possibly deny the effects of global warming then!

Kaboom sez: Here is the proof we have been praying for!!!!1!1!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Global Warming brings more violence to Melbourne!

Tempers fray, the skin itches, and the desire to punch the lights out of someone increases dramatically as the temperature increases.

With AGW, the temperature is set to increase, and that means that me, you, everybody - suffering from the heat effects, will immediately lash out and punch or maim our fellow suffering humans.

Latest report from The Age is sourced at:

Money quote: "The report also says Victorian police acknowledge the need to prepare for increased violence in hotter conditions.
"Studies and anecdotal reports indicate a correlation between violence and anti-social behaviour and high temperatures. Rising temperatures are expected to exacerbate this effect," it says.
"Victorian police have commented that they are needing to consider the operational implications of hotter conditions, including increased violence and security concerns."

Kaboom sez: Given the proclivity for Victorian Police to shoot first, ask questions later, maybe we need to also look at AGW awareness training and psychological assessments of every serving officer carrying heat (no pun intended) in Victoria.

South Pacific Olympians in Danger!

This might be the first and last Olympics for athletes from Tuvalu, Kiribati and Nauru, Pacific Islands whose shores are being encroached by higher and higher oceans, all as a result of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Planet Ark reports: "For a handful of South Pacific athletes it may be now or never to take part in the Olympics because rising seas levels are causing their tiny island nations to sink and maybe one day disappear."

Kaboom sez: "That sea-level off the reef at Tuvalu looks bally high, doesn't it?"

Makes you wonder how their Marathon Olympians train properly, given the land area.