Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finally scientifically proven - Global Warming causes hurricanes!

Here we are, in the midst of the most intense hurricane bombardment of the eastern coast of the United States, and until now, no-one has linked the dots!

More CO2 means more Global Warming, which means more hurricanes. What in Gaia's name don't the deniers see?

The ABC has reported EXPERTS linking the accelerated ice melt in the Arctic to increased hurricane incidence - a causual link that has always been poo-poohed by the deniers.

Here is the story:

The money quote:

"He says climate models suggest the most severe changes will take place in the highest northern latitudes, as a starting point for more substantial changes throughout the rest of the planet.
That means more hurricanes, cyclones and floods."

Kaboom sez:

Why can't people see that these continual deadly hurricanes crashing into the East Coast of the USA, and causing quintillions of dollars of damage, are directly caused by our profligate emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. For Gaia's sake, we are all going to suffocate, if we don't die earlier from hurricanes.

Gaia Almighty, these deniers should be held accountable.