Saturday, August 9, 2008

Global Warming brings more violence to Melbourne!

Tempers fray, the skin itches, and the desire to punch the lights out of someone increases dramatically as the temperature increases.

With AGW, the temperature is set to increase, and that means that me, you, everybody - suffering from the heat effects, will immediately lash out and punch or maim our fellow suffering humans.

Latest report from The Age is sourced at:

Money quote: "The report also says Victorian police acknowledge the need to prepare for increased violence in hotter conditions.
"Studies and anecdotal reports indicate a correlation between violence and anti-social behaviour and high temperatures. Rising temperatures are expected to exacerbate this effect," it says.
"Victorian police have commented that they are needing to consider the operational implications of hotter conditions, including increased violence and security concerns."

Kaboom sez: Given the proclivity for Victorian Police to shoot first, ask questions later, maybe we need to also look at AGW awareness training and psychological assessments of every serving officer carrying heat (no pun intended) in Victoria.


kae said...

Kaboom, dude.
If you keep spreading these scurrilous rumours about AGW being false someone's gonna come over there and biff ya 'round the melon...

Probably the thought police.

Kaboom said...

Kae, thanks for your comment.

Incredibly fucking stupid as it was. How the fuck you can tie up your shoelaces, and get aboard the short bus every morning simply astounds me.

Be that as it may. AGW is not false, the science is settled. The debate is over.

What the fuck don't you understand about these simple facts?

You people really deserve to be exterminated.

Minicapt said...

Given the proclivity (cited) for the local constabulary to have recourse to their firearms, they should be concerned with the effect of AGW on interior ballistics as the weapon's point of arm would be changed. Providing cooled magazines could be a solution.


Kaboom said...


I thought that Kae was a worry.

Now we have someone who, if they were any stupider, would require watering twice per week!

What do you people not understand about global warming causing societal violence?. It's proven, it's an incontovertable fact, people, the science is settled: hot weather pisses people off, especially those who can't afford aircon.

The debate is indeed over.