Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho! ho! Ho! Have a Guilt-Ridden Christmas!

For all you enviro-vandals who put on a family (or community, or like-minded) feast at this time of the year, you are contributing to the destruction of the environment!


A very "merry" Christmas, Gaia Rapists! I hope you choke on a bone.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Third of the World's Species to Die!!

Shocking news from a three-day conference at a Florida resort - sponsored by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission - by the end of this century, a third of all species on Earth will die off.

Money quote: "Climate change threatens to kill off up to a third of the planet's species by the end of the century if urgent action isn't taken to restore fragile ecosystems, protect endangered animals and manage growth, scientists warned Wednesday as a wildlife summit opened."

I wonder what happens to these poor creatures between summer and winter, or even night and day: "Experts noted that many plants and animals have temperature-specific habitats. A change of only a few degrees can kill them or send them seeking a better home."

"Send them seeking a better home?" Christ, it's as if they are talking about trailer-park trash from New Orleans!

Here's the story, from the Seattle Times:

Let's all hope that sensible leadership will give humanity what it deserves.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finally scientifically proven - Global Warming causes hurricanes!

Here we are, in the midst of the most intense hurricane bombardment of the eastern coast of the United States, and until now, no-one has linked the dots!

More CO2 means more Global Warming, which means more hurricanes. What in Gaia's name don't the deniers see?

The ABC has reported EXPERTS linking the accelerated ice melt in the Arctic to increased hurricane incidence - a causual link that has always been poo-poohed by the deniers.

Here is the story:

The money quote:

"He says climate models suggest the most severe changes will take place in the highest northern latitudes, as a starting point for more substantial changes throughout the rest of the planet.
That means more hurricanes, cyclones and floods."

Kaboom sez:

Why can't people see that these continual deadly hurricanes crashing into the East Coast of the USA, and causing quintillions of dollars of damage, are directly caused by our profligate emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. For Gaia's sake, we are all going to suffocate, if we don't die earlier from hurricanes.

Gaia Almighty, these deniers should be held accountable.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sea level to rise by 4 metres this century!

OMFG, this is really, really serious stuff.

Peer-reviewed scientists have made a presentation at the Coast to Coast Collaboration Conference in sunny Darwin, Northern Territory. Renowned scientists such as Barbara Norman from RMIT University's Global Cities Research Institute have warned the Australian Government that: (money quote)

"Ms Norman says it is not logical for local governments across the country to develop their own coastal planning policies and a national approach is needed.

Scientists are predicting more that half-a-million residences could be washed away as sea levels may rise by up to four metres by the end of the century.

Ms Norman is calling on the Federal Government to implement a buffer zone along the Australian coastline."


At last - an empirical projection that can be easily measured and monitored!

Four metres this century of sea-level rise..... that's four metres for the 92 years remaining in this century.

Four metres in 92 years is, ummm... ummm... 2 metres in 46 years, ummm... 1 metre every 23 years, ummm..... 100mm every 2.3 years, ummm.... that's 43.5 mm per year! Holy Starving Polar Bears, Batman!

Now we can finally gauge the impact of global warming! We can measure it, and peer reviewed scientists like Barbara Morgan will be vindicated in only a matter of a couple of years.

No need to wait around for fifty or a hundred years to see if there is any global warming effect - no, now we can measure it in as little as a year or two!

Once those in Government see the sea levels rising inexorably by 50 mm every one year and two months, they will have to do something - no-one could possibly deny the effects of global warming then!

Kaboom sez: Here is the proof we have been praying for!!!!1!1!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Global Warming brings more violence to Melbourne!

Tempers fray, the skin itches, and the desire to punch the lights out of someone increases dramatically as the temperature increases.

With AGW, the temperature is set to increase, and that means that me, you, everybody - suffering from the heat effects, will immediately lash out and punch or maim our fellow suffering humans.

Latest report from The Age is sourced at:

Money quote: "The report also says Victorian police acknowledge the need to prepare for increased violence in hotter conditions.
"Studies and anecdotal reports indicate a correlation between violence and anti-social behaviour and high temperatures. Rising temperatures are expected to exacerbate this effect," it says.
"Victorian police have commented that they are needing to consider the operational implications of hotter conditions, including increased violence and security concerns."

Kaboom sez: Given the proclivity for Victorian Police to shoot first, ask questions later, maybe we need to also look at AGW awareness training and psychological assessments of every serving officer carrying heat (no pun intended) in Victoria.

South Pacific Olympians in Danger!

This might be the first and last Olympics for athletes from Tuvalu, Kiribati and Nauru, Pacific Islands whose shores are being encroached by higher and higher oceans, all as a result of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Planet Ark reports: "For a handful of South Pacific athletes it may be now or never to take part in the Olympics because rising seas levels are causing their tiny island nations to sink and maybe one day disappear."

Kaboom sez: "That sea-level off the reef at Tuvalu looks bally high, doesn't it?"

Makes you wonder how their Marathon Olympians train properly, given the land area.

Monday, July 28, 2008

No News is Good News!

Or so I thought.

But now, we have the Environmental Justice Climate Change Initiative reporting on the economic effects of rampant Climate Change upon those who can least afford it:

Money (or lack of money) quote: “While it’s an issue that affects all of us, like many other social justice issues, it is disproportionately affecting African-Americans, other people of color, low-income people and indigenous communities.”

Kaboom sez: It's just so terrible that the rich whitey bastards are relentlessly using up the world's natural resources, so that they can sit back and watch the starving poor die before their eyes on their giant plasma screens.

It's not going to take much for the starving poor to rise up and take what is justifiably theirs - a la Katrina.

This is a job for both the Black Horse of Famine, and the Pale Horse of Death.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ocean turning to Acid, and Coral Reefs will Die!

Our coral reefs will cease to exist as early as 2050, very recent studies have concluded. The absorption of carbon from the atmosphere by the oceans is directly causing them to turn to acid, which fries away the coral polyps, and prevents any coral reefs being breeding grounds for fish.

The report from the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is found at:

Read the whole report. "Coral reefs support about 25 to 33 percent of the oceans' living creatures. Some one billion people depend directly and indirectly on reefs for their livelihoods. Sea birds and many species of fish would be affected by the loss of reefs."

A billion people. A sixth of the Earth's population put on the scrapheap as a result of the selfishness of West. Think about it - a BILLION people.

The rate of turning the oceans to acid is just unbelievable: "The oceans naturally absorb carbon from the atmosphere but because of human emissions they are absorbing more and more. This additional carbon has altered the oceans' chemistry, making them 25 to 30 percent more acidic. Each day, the oceans absorb 30 million tonnes of CO2, gradually and inevitably increasing their acidity, and leaving less calcium carbonate in the water for corals and shell-form species like phytoplankton to grow or maintain their skeletons. "

The oceans are turning 20% to 30% more acidic!

Money Quote: "Most corals begin to die when ocean temperatures increase by more than 2.0 degrees C and that is likely to happen under nearly all future carbon emission scenarios before 2100. Detailed computer models show that all corals will suffer severe bleaching in one to five years. "

Kaboom sez: We have got to take action now to completely stop this - we have ONLY between ONE and FIVE years to stop severe coral bleaching!

Again, I lead out the Pale Horse of Death - death for coral, and death to the billion people directly or indirectly relying upon coral reefs for their sustenance.

Monday, July 21, 2008

We are all rooted in 100 months!

The New Economics Foundation in the United Kingdom points out that we will suffer "uncontrollable global warming" in 100 months from August, 2008.

100 months! That's, like, umm ..... 8 years and four months, or by December, 2017!

Of course, our elected leaders are still hand-wringing and posturing in front of microphones, while this clear and present danger is set to unfold. From BBC World News:

The money quote: "New and cautious calculations by the New Economics Foundation's (NEF) climate change programme suggest that we may have as little as 100 months starting from August 2008 to avert uncontrollable global warming. "

Kaboom sez: Clearly, we all need to do something, even if we have to temporarily suspend democracy and elections. Action is required RIGHT NOW! Immediate, painful ACTION!

For Gaia's sake, how much more warning do the sheep need, that they are being lead towards the slaughterhouse.

I don't even know what Horse of the Apocalypse to file this under - maybe all of them!

Incredibly Stupid Ideas (Part 1)

Apart from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I would like to highlight on this Blog the incredibly stupid ideas that so-called "scientists" come up with to deal with the Carbon Dioxide menace - apart from the obvious solution, of reducing carbon useage to ZERO!

From time to time, you see some blatantly cretanous ideas put forth by idiots like Professor Tim Flannery, renowned climatologist and 2007 Australian Of The Year, who some months ago proposed pumping sulphur into the atmosphere, in order to achieve some sort of "global dimming". The only "dim" bulb is Flannery, who is the intellectual equivalent of a 1/2 watt CFC for suggesting that rubbish.

This Blog's purpose is only to observe and report on new AGW issues, so unfortunately I cannot revisit Flannery's idiocy.

However, I can and will report on new stupidity. Like this - straight from the "Society of Chemical Industry":

The money quote: "We think it's a promising idea,' says Shell's Gilles Bertherin, a coordinator on the project. 'There are potentially huge environmental benefits from addressing climate change – and adding calcium hydroxide to seawater will also mitigate the effects of ocean acidification, so it should have a positive impact on the marine environment."

Kaboom sez: Can you believe that these clowns are actually suggesting digging up limestone, crushing and COOKING it to produce lime, and then infesting the seawater with it, in the forlorn belief that it will act like God's freaking gas-mask and literally suck carbon out of the atmosphere?

Jesus Christ on a biofuel moped! What friggin' idiots! What part of "ZERO carbon footprint" do they fail to comprehend?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Desmond Tutu: 185 Million Africans Will Die

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Laureate and climatologist, is quoted by

From the quoted article: "Tutu said that businessmen who take flights instead of using video conferencing are sentencing the poor people of the world to death, and that up to 185 million Africans would die this century because of climate change."

Kaboom: Thank Gaia for brave souls like the Very Reverend Desmond Tutu, who exposes the Malthusian effects of wealthy people flying all over the world to resorts like Bali, Coopenhagen, and other beautiful places, rather than videoconferencing.

185 million deaths directly attribtable to Global Climate Change by the end of this century? The Pale Horse of Death gets yet another ride.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Off the Grid Solar Power

My Significant Life Partner has been busy constructing a solar array for our yurt, so that we can achieve our dream of finally severing ourselves from the carbon polluting electricity grid.

The solar array comes in a kit from China, and the instructions are a bit difficult to understand. My SLP came across the following warnings - as far as I can establish, when they say "generator" they actually mean "inverter", which of course converts the storage battery power to 240V household power.

Given that the Chinese clearly want to Burn Up The Planet (along with the Indians), could this be a cunning Oriental plot?

Can anyone help in the translation? (Click on image for larger picture)

Biofuels are not the answer

The concentration upon the production of Biofuels is directly causing a possible famine in Africa, according to IPPmedia of Tanzania:

IPP says: "And since the latest crises- oil, food and climate- the buzz word has been biofuels. Developed countries are in the forefront to promote biofuels as a solution to the oil crisis and, to some extent, the food crisis. However some people have a different view all together. They argue that biofuel policies as propounded by rich countries are neither a solution to the climate nor oil crisis and instead they are compounding a third crisis the food crisis."

The carbon-hungry Western World is exporting its need for fuel stock (i.e. Biofuels) to the poor food producing Third World nations, causing a significant food shortage which will lead to famine.

IPP goes on to report: "In the meantime, the most serious costs of these policies deepening poverty and hunger, environmental degradation and accelerating climate change are being dumped on developing countries," says a recent publication by Oxfam International.

Kaboom: This is an utter disgrace. Don't the morons in the West realise that "Biofuels" ALSO produce carbon dioxide, which is suffocating our planet? What is wrong with these people?

I heartily concur with those who propose a "war crimes" tribunal to convict and sentence those who perpetrate these crimes against humanity.

Carbon squandering FUEL over PEOPLE? No way!

Behold the Black Horse, of Famine.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Clinton: "India and China can burn up the planet"

Not Hillary Clinton, the recent putative Democratic Presidential Contender nominee, but her husband the Almost First Gentleman, Bill, according to Newsmax recently:

Bill Clinton has weighed into the debate with all cigars fired up: "If India and China and the other emerging economies don't join in some sort of limitation, then they can burn up the planet,” he says"

Without getting into the definition of what "is" really is, Statesman (and former President) Bill Clinton obviously has the climatic depth of experience in order to identify the climate criminals once and for all - India and China!

Burning up the planet is a pretty serious commercial outcome, and it will affect EVERYBODY. The Chinese-Indians are only 33% of the planet's population, yet they intend to burn it up without consulting the remaining 66%??? You must be joking.

Bill Clinton has his head screwed, on properly. His advisors in matters climatic would no doubt include his former Vice President (and noted climatologist and Nobel Laureate) Al Gore, so who are we to doubt The Message.

The Message is simple: China and India are going to burn up the planet, leading to the immediate consequential deaths of over 25,000 Polar Bears, trillions of other species, and probably 6 billion humans.

Yes! I can now lead out the Pale Horse - Death....

Mental Illness a direct result of Climate Fears!

The New Scientist Environment Blog recently reported on the worldwide neo-con response to a poor lad's diagnosed illness:

A worthwhile read, especially the New Scientist's conclusion: "Of course, this case might just illustrate something that climate change deniers may be anxious to deny: in many parts of the world, concerns about climate change are no longer limited to a small group of professionals, but are a societal concern that is widespread enough to become part of 17-year-old's delusions."

Kaboom: The longer we fail to act to reduce our carbon pollution to zero, the more cases of consequent mental illness will afflict humanity.

The time to act is now!

Kidney Stones set to increase!!

The Ottowa Citizen (our friends in environmentally-sensitive Canada) reports that global warming is going to cause an increasing occurrence of kidney stones:

Ouch! Those bastards really can be a pain in the arse!

How can this be linked to AGW (Anthroponegenic Global Warming)?

The report from the Ottowa Citizen notes that "One of the first direct impacts that global warming has on our health may hit us where it hurts: In the kidneys.

People will develop more kidney stones in a hotter climate, because the heat tends to make us dehydrated and that causes the stones to form, two Texas urologists say.

Drs. Margaret Peale and Yair Lotan of the University of Texas say there's already a "kidney stone belt" in the hot, humid U.S. southeast, stretching from Louisiana to Florida and north to Tennessee."

Well, we all know how dumb those Crackers in the Bible-belt of the USA tend to be, and becoming dehydrated in the approaching Armageddon of Global Warming is more likely to spread the affliction of kidney stones into many kidney stone-free areas.

Ottowa Citizen: "Expect that belt to move north with the warmer climate, increasing kidney stone rates outside today's belt by 30 per cent by 2050, they say in a paper published today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. "

Kaboom: This is a significant "plague-like" health risk which is set to expand dramatically with the irreversible onset of AGW, and I'm logging this post under the "White Horse" of Pestilence.

I have decided to utilise the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" to differentiate between the many different scientifically proven and peer-reviewed consequences of AGW, being the White Horse of Pestilence, the Red Horse of War, the Black Horse of Famine, and the Pale Horse of Death.

Unfortunately, without immediate concerted action, this analogy bleakly sums up our future....

Welcome to the CCCP Blog!

A warm welcome to readers of this new Blog.

By way of explanation, a raison d'etre if you will, I intend to show all of the recent and growing body of evidence of the scientifically indisputable consequences of carbon pollution.

I don't intend to become embroiled in the scientific technical issues surrounding Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), as these issues have been scientifically settled for decades - the debate is OVER, people!

What I am attempting to do is gather current peer-reviewed scientific conclusions (which means they are beyond dispute), in an easy to understand format - after all, most of us are not climate scientists! In other words, I will be posting links and commentary upon the scientifically proven effects of Anthropogenic Global Warming from various sources, in order to show the future we face in the absence of decisive action.

As members of humanity, we all have a role to play in reducing our carbon footprints to zero.

A significant part of our humanitarian role is to spread the word amongst friends, families and work colleagues, and convince them to join in this fight for our very survival.

I hope that the enlightened Government of Mr Kevin Rudd (our Prime Minister) will take up a similar re-educational challenge as soon as possible, but in the meantime, the task falls upon Bloggers like me to get the scientifically indisputable message out there.

Remember - think local, act global!