Monday, July 21, 2008

Incredibly Stupid Ideas (Part 1)

Apart from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I would like to highlight on this Blog the incredibly stupid ideas that so-called "scientists" come up with to deal with the Carbon Dioxide menace - apart from the obvious solution, of reducing carbon useage to ZERO!

From time to time, you see some blatantly cretanous ideas put forth by idiots like Professor Tim Flannery, renowned climatologist and 2007 Australian Of The Year, who some months ago proposed pumping sulphur into the atmosphere, in order to achieve some sort of "global dimming". The only "dim" bulb is Flannery, who is the intellectual equivalent of a 1/2 watt CFC for suggesting that rubbish.

This Blog's purpose is only to observe and report on new AGW issues, so unfortunately I cannot revisit Flannery's idiocy.

However, I can and will report on new stupidity. Like this - straight from the "Society of Chemical Industry":

The money quote: "We think it's a promising idea,' says Shell's Gilles Bertherin, a coordinator on the project. 'There are potentially huge environmental benefits from addressing climate change – and adding calcium hydroxide to seawater will also mitigate the effects of ocean acidification, so it should have a positive impact on the marine environment."

Kaboom sez: Can you believe that these clowns are actually suggesting digging up limestone, crushing and COOKING it to produce lime, and then infesting the seawater with it, in the forlorn belief that it will act like God's freaking gas-mask and literally suck carbon out of the atmosphere?

Jesus Christ on a biofuel moped! What friggin' idiots! What part of "ZERO carbon footprint" do they fail to comprehend?

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