Thursday, July 17, 2008

Clinton: "India and China can burn up the planet"

Not Hillary Clinton, the recent putative Democratic Presidential Contender nominee, but her husband the Almost First Gentleman, Bill, according to Newsmax recently:

Bill Clinton has weighed into the debate with all cigars fired up: "If India and China and the other emerging economies don't join in some sort of limitation, then they can burn up the planet,” he says"

Without getting into the definition of what "is" really is, Statesman (and former President) Bill Clinton obviously has the climatic depth of experience in order to identify the climate criminals once and for all - India and China!

Burning up the planet is a pretty serious commercial outcome, and it will affect EVERYBODY. The Chinese-Indians are only 33% of the planet's population, yet they intend to burn it up without consulting the remaining 66%??? You must be joking.

Bill Clinton has his head screwed, on properly. His advisors in matters climatic would no doubt include his former Vice President (and noted climatologist and Nobel Laureate) Al Gore, so who are we to doubt The Message.

The Message is simple: China and India are going to burn up the planet, leading to the immediate consequential deaths of over 25,000 Polar Bears, trillions of other species, and probably 6 billion humans.

Yes! I can now lead out the Pale Horse - Death....

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