Monday, July 21, 2008

We are all rooted in 100 months!

The New Economics Foundation in the United Kingdom points out that we will suffer "uncontrollable global warming" in 100 months from August, 2008.

100 months! That's, like, umm ..... 8 years and four months, or by December, 2017!

Of course, our elected leaders are still hand-wringing and posturing in front of microphones, while this clear and present danger is set to unfold. From BBC World News:

The money quote: "New and cautious calculations by the New Economics Foundation's (NEF) climate change programme suggest that we may have as little as 100 months starting from August 2008 to avert uncontrollable global warming. "

Kaboom sez: Clearly, we all need to do something, even if we have to temporarily suspend democracy and elections. Action is required RIGHT NOW! Immediate, painful ACTION!

For Gaia's sake, how much more warning do the sheep need, that they are being lead towards the slaughterhouse.

I don't even know what Horse of the Apocalypse to file this under - maybe all of them!

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