Friday, July 18, 2008

Off the Grid Solar Power

My Significant Life Partner has been busy constructing a solar array for our yurt, so that we can achieve our dream of finally severing ourselves from the carbon polluting electricity grid.

The solar array comes in a kit from China, and the instructions are a bit difficult to understand. My SLP came across the following warnings - as far as I can establish, when they say "generator" they actually mean "inverter", which of course converts the storage battery power to 240V household power.

Given that the Chinese clearly want to Burn Up The Planet (along with the Indians), could this be a cunning Oriental plot?

Can anyone help in the translation? (Click on image for larger picture)


Minicapt said...

1. When installing the generator at home, have an electrician check the wiring.
2. Before switching the main power switch to 'ON', make sure the connections are all secure; otherwise the generator may break or cause a fire.

kae said...

3. If you don't follow the instructions we're not responsible for the KABOOM!

kae said...

(psst, found it!)

Kaboom said...

Hah! Infidel swine!