Monday, July 28, 2008

No News is Good News!

Or so I thought.

But now, we have the Environmental Justice Climate Change Initiative reporting on the economic effects of rampant Climate Change upon those who can least afford it:

Money (or lack of money) quote: “While it’s an issue that affects all of us, like many other social justice issues, it is disproportionately affecting African-Americans, other people of color, low-income people and indigenous communities.”

Kaboom sez: It's just so terrible that the rich whitey bastards are relentlessly using up the world's natural resources, so that they can sit back and watch the starving poor die before their eyes on their giant plasma screens.

It's not going to take much for the starving poor to rise up and take what is justifiably theirs - a la Katrina.

This is a job for both the Black Horse of Famine, and the Pale Horse of Death.

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