Friday, July 18, 2008

Biofuels are not the answer

The concentration upon the production of Biofuels is directly causing a possible famine in Africa, according to IPPmedia of Tanzania:

IPP says: "And since the latest crises- oil, food and climate- the buzz word has been biofuels. Developed countries are in the forefront to promote biofuels as a solution to the oil crisis and, to some extent, the food crisis. However some people have a different view all together. They argue that biofuel policies as propounded by rich countries are neither a solution to the climate nor oil crisis and instead they are compounding a third crisis the food crisis."

The carbon-hungry Western World is exporting its need for fuel stock (i.e. Biofuels) to the poor food producing Third World nations, causing a significant food shortage which will lead to famine.

IPP goes on to report: "In the meantime, the most serious costs of these policies deepening poverty and hunger, environmental degradation and accelerating climate change are being dumped on developing countries," says a recent publication by Oxfam International.

Kaboom: This is an utter disgrace. Don't the morons in the West realise that "Biofuels" ALSO produce carbon dioxide, which is suffocating our planet? What is wrong with these people?

I heartily concur with those who propose a "war crimes" tribunal to convict and sentence those who perpetrate these crimes against humanity.

Carbon squandering FUEL over PEOPLE? No way!

Behold the Black Horse, of Famine.

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