Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Third of the World's Species to Die!!

Shocking news from a three-day conference at a Florida resort - sponsored by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission - by the end of this century, a third of all species on Earth will die off.

Money quote: "Climate change threatens to kill off up to a third of the planet's species by the end of the century if urgent action isn't taken to restore fragile ecosystems, protect endangered animals and manage growth, scientists warned Wednesday as a wildlife summit opened."

I wonder what happens to these poor creatures between summer and winter, or even night and day: "Experts noted that many plants and animals have temperature-specific habitats. A change of only a few degrees can kill them or send them seeking a better home."

"Send them seeking a better home?" Christ, it's as if they are talking about trailer-park trash from New Orleans!

Here's the story, from the Seattle Times:

Let's all hope that sensible leadership will give humanity what it deserves.

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