Saturday, January 3, 2009

Carbon Dioxide CAUSES Ice Age!!!

Take this, you denialist scum-sucking arse-licking paedophile conservatives:

Climate Scientists, in a peer reviewed article, have indisputably proven that the approaching New Ice Age is as a direct result of excess Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.

All of you denialist scum, you murdering freaks, who have been hollering the lack of warming, now you can eat your own vomit!

Excessive CO2 reflects sunlight, and thereby causes global cooling. Which is precisely what we are now potentially experiencing. All of you denialist Gaia-raping scum have crowed about the so-called COOLING after 1998..... eat your words, arseholes!

See, it has now been proven that there was a warm atmosphere with a ice-covered planet, which shoots down in flames all of the denialist arguments. All of the arguments, each and every one.

The debate is now officially over.

Kiss my butt, climate criminals!

1 comment:

Ayrdale said...

The debate is over ? What debate ?
Denialists have never mounted any sort of debate, they're too busy shovelling cash into their Swiss bank accounts, courtesy of big oil, big tobacco, the Chinese silk worm industry and the international syndicate that trades Aussie and Kiwi children for stars in porn movies.

Flaming pus filled poxes on them all !