Saturday, November 21, 2009

Here is a Solution!

Given that the conservatives everywhere are trying their hardest Big Oil funded attempt to derail the Copenhagen Conference, it may be that no binding treaty will emerge from Copenhagen, and that we have mere months left to avoid a tipping-point or two.

This means that we need to think proactively about geo-engineering, in order to try to save polar bears, koalas, the Great Barrier Reef, and the poor drowning inhabitants of Tuvalu.

A Peruvian proposal for global-warming amelioration through geo-engineering recently won a World Bank award. Unfortunately, the article does not specify the quantum of the award, but you would expect it to be reasonably significant.

Here is the winning proposal from Peru.

Here is a picture of a typical rapidly retreating glacier:

First, let me introduce the Athabasca Glacier in Canada:

Carefully, note its colour. I like to call this the "Michael Jackson Glacier" - it's simply not white enough!

Next, the filthy black Franz-Josef Glacier from New Zilund:

If ever a glacier cried out for geo-engineering like the Peruvian proposal, this one needs it!

We need all of our eco-warriors out there to get themselves huge pots of white paint, and go and do something for Mother Gaia.

Please! For Gaia's sake, run out now, get your paint, and get to your nearest glacier, and START PAINTING!

We need to do this now folks, as we are fast approaching the first of many tipping-points!

Be proactive in saving the future for the poley bears' children and grandchildren. Splash that paint around, pronto!

The world will thank you for your efforts. Much better than hunger strikes, and useless gestures like that.

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