Sunday, May 30, 2010

How not to attract attention....

A tragic incident, where a cyclist is injured or dies as the result of a road accident. Cyclists are doing their ALL for Gaia, and if an insensitive motorist (or two) runs them over, then you have a major affront to conservation and alternate transport.

If you might be inclined to do a "hit and run" on a cyclist, then you should do so with a plain, ordinary car, like, say a white Toyota Camry:

However, the last thing you should be driving around potential witnesses is a rare British shit-box that wasn't even very popular in its hey-day, let alone this century, such as a white Triumph Dolomite:

Given that maybe 50 Australians actually bought a Dolomite in the 1970's (mostly in baby-shit yellow), and that of those 50 maybe 45 have rusted away to nothingness, that leaves Plod with 5 possible suspects. Four of those suspects have baby-shit yellow Dolomites, and one single person has a white one.

Hence, follow the investagory time-line:


Money quote: "Police are looking for a white Triumph Dolomite sedan"

Next, we see the results of our prime detective's minds in action:


Money quote: "Crime scene examiners have seized a Triumph from the man's home."
As you can see, if you want to run over a cyclist and get away with it, go for the white Camry.

Otherwise, you're gonna get done, Cobber!

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