Tuesday, August 25, 2009

African nations selling themselves short!

African nations (well, 10 of them) have banded together for the Coopenhagen conference later this year, which selects a fresh AGW protocol as a replacement for the toothless Kyoto Protocol.

These brave African nations are, however, selling themselves grossly short, by only demanding $67 billion (AUD?) dollars per year as climate reaparations from the polluters of the West. See:


Only 67 lousy billion dollars per annum? Who can we get to administer the spreading of this largesse, I wonder? Let's ask an Emminent Person, like former Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Fraser:

"I reckon that His Excellency President Field-Marshall Robert Mugabe is the One!"

OK, let's see whether Bob wants the job. Bob is well known for his economics, and ability to spend money wisely.

We need to assuage our collective responsibility to these poor Africans, suffering droughts, hurricanes, snow, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and everything else that we polluters in the West are liable to account for. His Excellency, Mr Mugabe, is an excellent choice to administer the fund!

"Hey, Kuffir! I want a new Mercedes Benz! The old one has seen better days, and if I'm going to be a Big Wheel in distributing the environmental reparations, I need a better image!"

"Just look at what I have to put up with! You Kuffirs just don't appreciate how important image is to a Big Man in Africa!"

"In fact, this old one is so environmentally unsound, I was thinking of trading it in Cousin Obama's "Cash-for-Clumkers" program."

"Can you guys help me out here?"

Let's all get together, and make sure Bob gets the limousine that he really, truly deserves.

Perhaps a hybrid?

I mean, it's only $67 billion. Per year.

The poor of Africa are bearing the brunt of the evil West's profligate burning of fossil fuels, so we really need to get behind this notion of reparations.

$67 billion per year is just small change, when you look at the Wall Street bail-outs. Seriously small change, and I'm almost embarassed to put that into the collection plate this Sunday.

Surely we can band together, and help these climate-dispossessed Africans?

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