Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quelle Horreur! French Wine and Salmon to be wiped out!

In a savage blow to the middle-class and latte-sipping LandCruiser driving Doctor's wives, French wine is likely to be no more due to Global Warming:
In a further climate disaster, billions of red Sockeye Salmon, (a perfect accompanyment to a cheeky French Chardonnay) have literally disappeared. Yep, you guessed it - Global Warming:
Not only are the poor and dispossessed having their lifestyles threatened by Global Warming, but so too are the polluters themselves.

Time to wake up! We need to stop climate change now!


Anonymous said...

The best wines will come from Scotland ? Fuck off ! and salmon vanishing ? well i guess we'll have to get used to the taste of tiger prawns that thrive in warm waters and wash them down with chardonnay single malt chasers.

Global warming could be a bastard all right.

Rocket French said...

I can't believe it ! No more French wine :(
It's time to wake up now !