Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bigfoot threatened by Global Warming

My colleagues at EcoWorldly have recently reported that Bigfoot will lose a portion of its existing natural habitat, and will be forced to move north as the planet warms to Hell:

It is climate-induced species migration which brings home to us all how much mankind is affecting all of Gaia's little creatures. Just contemplate the sad look on Bigfoot's face:

Coopenhagen CANNOT be delayed any further! Stop Climate Change now!


Ayrdale said...

If we fail to act, and condemn Bigfoot to extinction it will be terrible for our collective karma.

I have never seen Bigfoot, but I read of him once but he was called Sasquatch then, and anyone who found any traces of him, bits of hair or one of his huge droppings could rely on untold fortune and good luck.

I wish him well, and hope that one day I might visit him.

Anonymous said...

I want to see bigfoot to. I think cretures like bigfoot are precious and its awful if they die out and if its all our fault. And if theres not a Mrs bigfoot theyll die out anyway I suppose. maybe ill marry bigfoot ! and have little bigfeet for him ! I quite like hairy guys.