Saturday, August 8, 2009

Denialist scientists blame the Sun!

The shills for Big Oil, the turncoat so-called "scientists" blame the Sun, rather than carbon-dioxide and the unremitting use of fossil fuels, in the Earth's heating process.

We all know that the death gas, carbon dioxide, has caused all of the heating of the atmosphere and seas since the Industrial Revolution (and remember the gross pollution and child slavery that wonderful event brought us!), yet these "scientists" propose the deployment of 1,900 wind-powered ships to pump clouds into the atmosphere, in order to deflect sunlight.

See link, and especially note the picture:
"Wind powered"? I can't see a single bloody sail, can you?

These clowns deny the effect of not curtailing mankind's profligate use of fossil fuels, and are playing God with our children's future.

There is no alternative but to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2020 at the latest, otherwise we will reach a tipping point of runaway global warming or cooling.

Schemes like this only derogate from the pressing need to completely curtail carbon emissions, and are likely to be clutched at by ignorant voters as a panacea to all problems.

Kaboom is completely disgusted by the sell-out by these denialist "scientists".


Ayrdale said...

Big tobacco fought a long drawn out war to muddy the waters over ciggies and cancer, and you're on the money blaming big oil for doing something similar. But, for my bobs worth I reckon Coca Cola and other CO2 bottlers ought to be put under the arc welder.
Just how many millions of tons of CO2 get bottled and belched out every day ?
If you like your turps, as I do, I think we should join the pommy move to flat beer.
Get flat out pissed, save the there's a marketing angle.

Kaboom said...

What I like to do, Ayrdale, is go into a shopping centre with one of my many used syringes, and poke holes just under the caps of the Coca-Cola bottles.

Ahhh! The sweet smell of released carbon-dioxide! It saves Gaia when the purchaser opens the bottle and discovers it to be flat!! Ha ha! Ha ha!

That's what you get for sequestering the death pollutant, you ignorant bastards!!

bingbing said...

At 168 grams of CO2 per bottle, dare one called it Carbonicide?

And with that extra added bonus?

Go forth, young Beowulf II!


And if you can offer Anna Bligh a year's supply, even better.